BSc University of Bristol (Philosophy & Psychology)

PhD University of Cambridge (Physiology)



Chirimuuta, M.  (2015) Outside Colour: Perceptual Science and the Puzzle of Colour in Philosophy. MIT Press.


Articles: Philosophy of Neuroscience and Perceptual Psychology

Chirimuuta, M. (2017, forthcoming) “Hughlings Jackson and the ‘doctrine of concomitance’: mind-brain theorising between metaphysics and the clinic”. History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences

Chirimuuta, M. (2017) “Précis of Outside Color and Responses to Gert, Gupta and Matthen”. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research

Chirimuuta, M. (forthcoming) “Colour in the Scientific Image”. Dibner Lecture in History of Science and Technology, to be published as a pamphlet by the Smithsonian Libraries.

Chirimuuta, M. (in press) Crash Testing an Engineering Framework in Neuroscience: Does the Idea of Robustness Break Down? Philosophy of Science proceedings.

Chirimuuta, M. (2017) Explanation in Computational Neuroscience: Causal and Non-causal British Journal for the Philosophy of Science DOI:

Chirimuuta, M. (2016) Vision, Perspectivism, and Haptic Realism Philosophy of Science 83(5):746

Chirimuuta, M. (2017) Perceptual Pragmatism and the Naturalised Ontology of Colour Topics in Cognitive Science 9(1): 151 – 171

Chirimuuta, M. (2016) Why the “stimulus-error” did not go away Studies in History & Philosophy of Science part A, 56:33–42

Chirimuuta, M. and Kingdom, F.A.A. (2015) The Uses of Colour Vision: Ornamental, Practical, and Theoretical Minds and Machines, 25(2):213-229

Chirimuuta, M. (2014) Psychophysical Methods and the Evasion of Introspection Philosophy of Science, 81(5):914-926

Chirimuuta, M. (2014) Minimal Models and Canonical Neural Computations: The Distinctness of Computational Explanation in NeuroscienceSynthese, 191:127-153

Chirimuuta, M. (2013) Extending, Changing, and Explaining the BrainBiology & Philosophy, 28 (4):613-638

Chirimuuta, M. (2008) Reflectance Realism and Colour Constancy: What would count as scientific evidence for Hilbert’s ontology of colour? Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 86(4), 563-582

Book Chapters: 

Chirimuuta, M. (2017) The Development and Application of Efficient Coding Explanation in Neuroscience (long/penultimate version) in Saatsi and Reutlinger (eds.) Explanation Beyond Causation. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Chirimuuta, M. (forthcoming) Colour and Philosophy of Science in D. Brown and F. McPherson (eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Colour 

Chirimuuta, M. (2014) The Metaphysical Significance of Colour Categorization: Mind, World, and their Complicated Relation. In Anderson, Biggam, Hough & Kay (eds.) Colour Studies: a Broad Spectrum. Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins

Chirimuuta, M. & Paterson, M.W.D. (2014) A Methodological Molyneux Question: Sensory Substitution, Plasticity and the Unification of Perceptual Theory D. Stokes, S. Biggs & M. Matthen (eds.) Perception and its Modalities, Oxford University Press.

Chirimuuta, M  (2011) Touchy-Feely Colour. In Biggam, Hough and Simmons (eds.) New Directions in Colour Studies. Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins

Chirimuuta, M. & Gold, I.J. (2009) The embedded neuron, the enactive field?. In Bickle, J. (ed.) Handbook of Philosophy and Neuroscience. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Articles: Vision Science

Tolhurst, D.J., To, M.P.S., Chirimuuta, M., Lovell, P.G.,  Chua, P.Y. and  Troscianko, T. (2010) Magnitude of perceived change in natural images may be linearly proportional to differences in neuronal firing rate. Seeing and Perceiving, 23:349-372.

Chirimuuta, M., Morrone, M.C. & Burr, D. (2007). Perceptual learning of modality specific visual attentional effectsVision Research, 47, 60-70

Chirimuuta, M., & Tolhurst, D.J. (2005). Does a Bayesian model of V1 contrast coding offer a neurophysiological account of human contrast discrimination? Vision Research, 45, 2943-2959

Chirimuuta, M., & Tolhurst, D.J.  (2005). Accuracy or identification of grating contrast by human observers. Vision Research, 45, 2960-2971

Chirimuuta, M., Clatworthy, P.L. & Tolhurst, D.J. (2003). Coding of the contrasts in natural images by visual cortex (V1) neurons: A Bayesian approach. Journal of the Optical Society of America A, 20, 1253-1260.

Clatworthy, P.L., Chirimuuta, M., Lauritzen, J.S. & Tolhurst, D.J. (2003). Coding of the contrasts in natural images by populations of neurons in primary visual cortex (V1).  Vision Research, 43, 1983-2001.


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